The new NurseBuddy Dublin Office

welcome to NurseBuddy Dublin

NurseBuddy have finally moved into their new office in Dublin! Our sales, marketing and customer support team have a new playground in which to improve the quality of home care for home and domiciliary care businesses. Saving the grannies and grandpas of Europe!

We’ve moved to our own space in Camden Street Upper, located in the south of the city centre. A bustling area full of life and ideal for working with companies throughout Europe, our team are here to help with any questions you have.

We want to thank the Guinness Enterprise Centre (next to the Guinness Storehouse!)on Thomas Street, our previous hosts, for the wonderful year that we spent there in our shared office space. Without them, we would not have met the wonderful people that we managed to work with and learn from. If you are looking to start a business in Dublin, we can highly recommend them!

We’re still in the process of making it our own space, but we’re nearly there! We’ll have some more pictures soon!



Step 1: Ikea!

nursebuddy care software

Step 2: Getting there!

nursebuddy dublin

Our new board room!

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