Meet our team – Heta Alanko – Finance Administrator

About the NurseBuddy Team – Heta Alanko

My career at NurseBuddy started in March last year. At first, I was under an impression that my tasks would mainly consist of helping with administrative and financial tasks beside my studies; but soon it became obvious that this start up had a lot more to offer. By May I found myself deeply involved with Finnish sales and marketing activities as well – and working full time instead of originally planned two days a week!

A year ago the situation changed when I decided to take part of the Erasmus program and moved to Germany for a year. I was given an opportunity to continue working remotely, and saying ‘yes’ to that was probably one of the best decisions I have made during my short working career. Working at NurseBuddy has taught me more than any course at the university ever did and I have been able to see how we have grown and spread in Europe. Working with Skype wasn’t anything new for anyone as a half of the team already worked outside of Finland.

There are three things at NurseBuddy that I want to point out. We are part of an international working environment, part of the startup scene, and have created an inspiring product. These are the reasons why I have enjoyed working right from the start until today – and still do. I have always been keen to travel and learn new cultures. Working at NurseBuddy has not only given me a lecture about coding while working at the same office with my Finnish colleagues, but also a chance to get to know our international team in Dublin. The fact that we are spreading to new markets all the time guarantees that there will be always new challenges.

Last year’s get-together in Tampere

What I love in start ups is their ability to change their procedures quickly when needed. Bureaucratic structures are rare and its atmosphere is supportive for new ideas. The possibilities to influence every day assignments are great which means that you are able to develop the skills you want to. Since there are no fixed departments you are not tied to one either, but chances to accumulate knowledge outside your area of expertise are excellent. Our modern ways of work have made it for me possible to work from another country, just like I would work if I was at the office in Finland.

For me it is really important to be able to honestly say that I stand behind the values NurseBuddy represents. I bet that almost everyone of us knows someone who either is a home care customer or will need home care services in the future. That is why I see NurseBuddy’s vision about the future home care so valuable and regard it as a step towards a better future for all of us. As a huge fan of digitalisation I also want to inspire everyone else to give up on papers and modernise their ways of work. I couldn’t imagine working at a company, where all the important information would still be on paper and with no intention to change that!

It will be interesting to see what the next year will offer for us. Needs for home care won’t be decreasing any time soon and there are many attracting markets in Europe and outside of Europe. Before returning to Finland to finish my accounting studies and continue working from Tampere I’ll take a few weeks off from both working and studying and explore Italian beaches and cuisine. I wish you all a great summer!

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