Improvement and feature requests from customers

A big part of making a great product is listening to customer needs and working closely with them. This is something NurseBuddy has done from the start and we will continue to do in the future. All of the requests sent our way are written down and handled, these are then added to our product wishlist which allows us to collect all of our ideas in one place. Every ticket will go through the wishlist.

How have we picked items from the wishlist?

First, we have to look at what information we have gathered when picking items. There are a few big factors:

  • SIZE, the amount of work for the development team
  • DEMAND, the popularity of the feature request
  • SUITABILITY, how well it fits the product

It is a long and evolving list of requests that vary by the amount of work and necessity or demand. Some feature requests can be conflictive with each other and some are so specific to a customer needs that we need to evaluate if the request is suitable for the product as a whole.

We go through the wishlist items with our customer success, support, product owner and development team to get insights about the requests and prioritise the tickets so that we’ll find the most critical improvements to make. All requests are reviewed.


Prioritising and working closely with our customers

Part of making a good product is finding the most important features that serve everyone and bring the most value. That is why prioritising the requests and working closely with our customers is really important.

We get multiple improvement requests per week, and as a result, it is unfortunately not always possible to meet everybody’s unique wishes even if we had a team triple the size. That is why it is so important for us to stay in touch with our customers every day to learn what are the most important features and improvements to help them in their daily work.

New methods for prioritising items

As the number of requests rises all the time, it is now the time to update the tools on our end to maximise the value we bring to our customers. Over the last few months, our product owner Antero has improved these methods for prioritising items. On top of the old ways, there are now new factors to guarantee that the improvements we make really bring the best value possible.

We are looking to 2019 being the best year of product development so far.

Juuso is a software developer and part of our customer support. He is daily in touch with the customers developing the product to ease their daily work.

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