How to find good carers?

A care company is only as good as the care provided. In a turbulent industry that’s constantly being squeezed by funding cuts and pressure from an ever changing political climate, how do you build a base of reliable, trustworthy carers? Making sure that you have enough staff to cover your service users needs is a top priority, but making sure that standards are maintained by bringing ‘good carers’ on board is just as important

Drawing on experiences from NurseBuddy customers we’ve rounded up the best advice on making sure your carers won’t let you down.

Passionate about their job

  • Is a potential candidate truly invested in caregiving? Do they have additional qualifications or experience that sets them apart from the competition? It may seem obvious but understanding their long term goals helps you see if they’re a good fit in the short term. Conducting background and reference checks might be time-consuming but strongly recommended.

Hire active retirees

  • As workforce ages it is good to consider hiring active retirees as care workers as Neil Eastwood writes in his book Saving Social Care.
  • UK’s Department for Work and Pension has written a guidance Help and Support for older workers to help employers to hire older workforce. There are also several agencies who rent or help to hire active retirees.

Use your universities

  • If you live in a university town recruiting trainee nurses and midwives is a great way to grow your carer base. Advertise and speak to course directors about possible internships and positions. These candidates will be highly trained and even if they don’t plan on stopping around for the long run their knowledge can help boost the service you provide.

Referral scheme for your employees

  • If it works in the corporate world it can work for you, bonus schemes for recruitment is not a new concept but it will produce committed staff who value you as an employer. Building an employee referral scheme where successful referrals are rewarded with incentives provides a motive to spread the word about the job openings.
  • It’s essential to make sure that everyone knows what kind of qualifications and experience are required. The quality of referrals tends to be above the average as the pre-screening is already done by your staff. To prevent employees using the scheme to make extra money, only offer a bonus once the new staff member has worked for you for a certain period of time.

Advertise on social media groups and pages

  • Facebook especially is a hotbed for carers looking for work, joining carer led groups is an easy way to expand your recruitment and base and gives you insight into someone’s online presence, allowing you to see if your values align.
  • A clear description of required qualifications, responsibilities and duties as well as a short introduction of your company and values will lead to better quality applicants, saving you time.

Recruitment agencies

  • Hiring a third party to take the stress out of advertising and initial screening will help speed up your recruitment process and mean you’re only seeing the best candidates.
  • Ask from fellow care companies who they’ve had success working with and make sure your agency really understands your priorities.  Once you’ve built up a good relationship with an agency they can provide you with a steady stream of staff and referrals.





Edited 6.9.2018