How to create a great Facebook Page for your home care business

Facebook – the place to be


Facebook is here to stay. People use it daily, no matter where they are – at home, on a trip, in their free time, at work, alone and with friends. Having millions of active users Facebook has become one of the most important marketing channels for companies. Domiciliary care agencies are no exception as a Facebook Page is an effective way to interact with customers, increase awareness and get new clients. In this article we show you how to create an attractive Facebook Page for your domiciliary care company.


1. Creating the page


Start by navigating to Define your page type by choosing the option, that best describes your company. Choose Local Business or Place if you offer care services within a certain area, this option gives your page visibility in search engine results. If you have several agencies choose Company, Organization or Institution. Next you’ll be asked to name the page and define the category. Use your company name so people can easily find your Page.


2. Upload a profile picture


We recommend using your logo as your profile picture. This helps people link your Page to your company. Make sure you use a high quality picture with the correct sizing. Note that your profile picture will be shown as a square on your Facebook Page but will be cropped to a circle in posts and ads.



3. Add a cover photo


A cover photo is a free ad for your company, so choose it wisely. A good cover photo supports your brand and draws attention. Make sure it looks good and loads fast both on desktop and on mobile. Read more about the optimal dimensions and the best file format for cover photos and profile pictures here.



4. Tell people about your company


Go to the “About” tab and tell who you are, which services you provide and in which area you operate. Add at least your phone number, email address and a link to your website. The Story section allows you to tell more about your company – your mission, values, history or something else! There’s also a Service tab where you can describe the care services you offer in more detail.



5. Add an action button


A button like Call now, Send message, Contact us or Watch video on your page helps a visitor take an action. It appears next to your cover photo and also when people search for your Page. Define what you want your visitors to do, go to your Page, click + Add a Button below your cover photo and select Add Button. When you have done this make sure your button works by hovering over the button and clicking Test button.



6. Rearrange the page


You can edit the order of different section by clicking Settings from the right top corner and choosing Edit Page. Decide what you want your visitors to see and in which order. To see what your Page looks like to visitors click three dots below the cover photo and choose View as Page Visitor.



7. Make sure your page is mobile-friendly


It’s more and more common that people use Facebook on their mobile phones only. This is why it is critical to make sure your page loads quickly and looks good on mobile. Double check your contact details are visible at the top of the page.



8. Get followers


Share your Page on your own Facebook feed and invite your friend to like your Page. You can send the invites by clicking the three dots below the cover photo and choosing Invite friendsIt doesn’t matter if your friends are not your target group but their likes and shares in your posts give your care company visibility in their networks.

Invite your customers and partners to like your Page. Add “Like” button to your home page, add a link to your email footer as well as any printed material you share. To get likes you have to tell people what benefit they will get by liking your page. This could be such a thing like getting information about the latest news and upcoming events.

Also your happy customers for a recommendation. The more 5-star ratings you got the better it is for your brand image.



9. Be active!


When everything else is set up you need to start creating content. If you don’t do anything you basically have zero visibility. So be active: publish regularly, interact with your followers and take part in conversations.