Helping carers to deliver a quality service

Making sure that a carer does the right job, the right way, at the right time, is very difficult to monitor and manage. Often, a lot of trust needs to exist between a care agency owner that a carer is delivering a quality service to all of their clients, and keeping clients happy, but this can often result in failures of a carer to deliver what is needed for a client. There remains a need to help carer’s deliver the best service possible in the best way possible, so we have a few tips here to help carer’s in their every day duties.

Communication between Care Teams

As always, communication is the key; making sure that the right information is in a carer’s hands before they even need it. Make sure they know the background of a client, their history, information of their duties, and how these continuously change when a care plan is in place with care goals. NurseBuddy’s platform has instant communication of any changes, updates or cancellations of daily care duties for carers, which can be easily updated by a care manager.

The Right Tools for Caring

Make sure that a carer has what they need to do the job they need to; if a client requires special equipment, make sure that this is already present in a client’s home even before a first visit. Time is then not spent on set up or finding alternate solutions. The right tools can also include their check in functionality, on smartphone (like with NurseBuddy), NFC, or registering a phone call. This is also especially important if there is a requirement for walker, wheelchair, or similar, to make getting around easier for client and carer.

Supervision and Shadowing

Of course, it is important to trust our carers are doing a good job, and representing the company in the best way possible. When a new carer starts, shadowing visits to make sure that quality of service is maintained is the best way to make sure that your brand will not be affected by an uneducated or inept carer. Pairing a more inexperienced carer with one of your champion carers can help improve their procedures and standards. When shadowing and supervising, make sure that notes of progress are taken down to maintain a record of progress, and to identify where improvements can be made.

The right home care technology

Technology for home care has become the standard for many organisations. NurseBuddy Care Software has been specifically designed to help those in the home care industry, designed alongside care professionals to make an easy to use yet powerful application for carers and care managers. See our separate blog post ‘Why Domiciliary & Home Care Companies Need Technology To Succeed’. Book a demo or start using NurseBuddy, and see how NurseBuddy can help you improve your home care services and improve quality of care.

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