How do you gain more service users? 5 tips for getting more care clients

How do you gain more service users? 5 tips for getting more care clients

Care agencies providing home or domiciliary care to clients are vital to our aging population. As the needs of service users grow, so does the need for home care companies to provide the necessary services. But how can you gain more service users, make your care company more prevalent to the public? Our 5 tips will guide you need to getting more care clients using your services over others. This list is a follow up with more ideas from our previous ‘Acquiring new clients in home care – Tips for home care and domiciliary care agencies from NurseBuddy ‘ where you can find even more tips for gaining new service users.

The Online basics- Website, Social Media and Google

The best way for you to advertise your business is to have a good online presence; a good website, active social media accounts, and making use of Google to really improve your business. By taking these basic steps, you can create a portal for members of the public and potential clients to get in contact with you.

Website for care companies

Get the basics right; create a website for your care agency. Some tips for your first website:

  • Good websites consist of about 5 pages
  • Have a page dedicated to your services and describe in detail about the types of care you provide
  • List your contact details on the home page and a separate page
  • Add a page for carers to apply to your organisation

Use website builders such as WordPress, Wix, or SquareSpace to easily create a website. Add unique images of your brand, including pictures of the team!

Social Media and Home Care

Maintaining a social media presence is important for any size of company; from starting out to having hundreds of clients. This is where you can share good stories from your organisations, get feedback from clients and their families, and communicate your message. Join groups on Facebook or LinkedIn relating to care to join the conversation and learn more about the care industry, as these are organic and can provide great insight into many aspects of providing home care. An organisation should set up a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn company page at the least. Don’t forget to add your contact details to each of these as well!

Google Services for Care companies

There are a lot of options when it comes to Google. There are paid promotions such as Adwords, which you can use to bump yourself to the top of the list when people search for certain things, and there are plenty of free features of Google as well. Firstly, create a Google Business Account, which will allow for your contact information to be part of Googles Search Engine, and provide a report on how many people searched for your company, and if they did anything with those details! Another aspect is Google Analytics, which you can use to analyse your website, and find where the best information is and to create improvements to your website.

People want to know what domiciliary care companies operate close to them. Therefore make sure that your agency will be found when someone starts to google. Often used Google questions are: ‘domiciliary care near me’ and ‘domiciliary care agencies near me’.


A good way to communicate with people is to add an option for newsletters on your website. Let people sign up to get a newsletter, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or less often, this will allow you to keep in contact with potential clients and describe all your good news stories. A handy tip is to have a Blog on your website, and link people to the blog from your newsletter email, so they get all the information from your website.

To send newsletters, there are many email sending services out there that can help you create easy emails with templates, and schedule these for when you want them to go out.

Talk to GPs

care companies get more clientsWe have touched on speaking with GP’s and other medical professionals before, but making sure you know all the local GP’s and physicians is important for building a repore and familiarity with your care company. They might allow you to leave a leaflet or flyer in their practice too, increasing your visibility to the public. Create a relationship with those in the medical profession around you so that they may recommend your service to any of their clients.

Local Council/Government Tenders

Get to grips with tenders; speak to a representative from your local council on how to acquire and manage tenders. This way, you increase your care clients by taking on the responsibility of this tender. This will be accompanied by stricter regulations, but most care companies would acquire some clients from local council, which the council would pay for. These are a great way to increase the amount of care you are providing, and a potential to convert these to private clients as well.

Communicating with a Family Portal

preferred carerCare Management software can help improve the reputation and the quality of care that your clients receive. But making the family feel and be part of the care provided is important as well. Family members always want to know how their loved one’s care is going; an online Family Portal gives them a way to find out and get updates about the care being provided. This is designed to help save them worries, but also saves you and your care management staff important admin time; this cuts down on the extra phone calls, need to print visit schedules, and more. Check out more about NurseBuddy’s Family Portal

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