Features We Have Released Over the Last 3 months

New Features We Have Launched: 

  • Automated mileage
  • Product info tab
  • Weekly calendar view for carers
  • Settings menu for managers
  • File attachments for carers
  • Weekly calendar view
  • Bug fixes, UX improvements

The driving force behind change for NurseBuddy first and foremost comes from our customers, it’s a constant balance between feature development versus product improvements. You might have noticed the reintroduction of our Net Promoter Score, asking customers to rate the product, this invaluable feedback helps us to continue to shape what’s next and allows us to see the peaks and troughs in happiness levels.

The last couple of months have seen us release one of our biggest features to date, automated mileage as well as working on the design and refining the user experience of the system. Having Lara, our UX expert join the team has allowed us to focus on new areas relating to the usability of the software, for both carers and managers.


Automated Mileage

One of the biggest feature releases we implemented over the last year has been automated mileage. Meeting the requirements of UK and international customers and council demands means we spent many months planning just how this feature would work.

By integrating with Google Maps, the system can calculate the travel distance and time between carer’s visits. This in turn becomes part of the carer visit log report so it can be exported, alongside their working hours for payroll. Working closely with key customers we identified the key use cases for paying mileage and travel time to accommodate for as many scenarios as possible. Carers can continue to report mileage manually in the mobile app and we will continue to refine the automated processes to support more customer cases.


Sharing More Information With Carers

NurseBuddy’s ethos is built on providing transparency and trust, therefore we’ve made more information than ever available in the carer mobile app. Carer’s can now see a weekly calendar view for their clients, including details on who’s visiting and what tasks and services they’ll complete.

To support this the personal information tab as part of your client’s profile is visible to carers in the mobile app. Add in your client’s favourite hobbies, interests and past career to help better support CQC requirements and let carers build more personal relationships with clients.

Previously file attachments we’re only part of the manager view, now you can choose to share them in the mobile app with your carers. We never want a client’s care to be jeopardised by character counts so adding attachments allows you to have free reign with what information you upload. Be it risk assessments, nutritional plans or fluid charts attachments give more freedom and less reliance on paperwork.


Design & Improvements

Alongside the new features, we’ve fixed bugs and usability issues to keep everything running smoothly. The overall performance has been prioritised over the last 3 months in the run up to a bigger design overhaul. As a development focused company, we’re aware sometimes features might work but they’re not necessarily the most intuitive to use. That’s why we’ve added a User Experience expert to the team to help us overhaul the look and feel of NurseBuddy over the upcoming months.

Advancing how we can support automation for managers and giving carers the chance to deliver personalised and care continues to drive our development. We can’t wait to share with you more updates as we launch them throughout the rest of the year and as always we love to hear from you! Send your feedback and suggestions to support@nursebuddy.fi