How Easy to Use software makes a difference in carers lives

The care industry has seen many changes in the last few years, especially with the introduction of software and practices that embrace technology. The prevalence of smartphones, laptops and tablets have allowed for instant online access in the most rural of areas. There have been a number of applications through the years that have improved the lives of carers, from Maps applications for directions, Skype for free calls, to the simple alarm clocks to remember when to leave on time.


In more recent years, software has started to catch up to the powerful computers we hold in our pocket or handbags. Several task-list applications, rostering applications and reporting tools made their way into the home and domiciliary care sector. Adapting the old technology came with several issues though, with difficult to use interfaces, lack of basic functionality pertaining to the care sector, and support staff completely unfamiliar with the needs of care staff.


This is why NurseBuddy was formed in 2012. In a world where there was very little in terms of efficient care software, NurseBuddy was designed specifically for carers, by carers. Working with several care agencies, the functionality, design, and most importantly the support given, the application was specifically designed to be used by care managers and carers in the home care industry.

Easy to use technology makes a big difference in carers lives. Too often there are unnecessary functionalities packaged in with undedicated software, making the use of the technology awkward and confusing to the carer, or the client. By implementing simple interfaces, easy to read and use to any carer, creates an easier way of working, of getting critical data for caring for their clients, and for making sure it is delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right person. The days of printing out time sheets and rosters, and reporting in via a phone call should be in the past for carers.

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