Doha Care: “Thank you for making our lives easier” – The Story of Doha Care and NurseBuddy

Doha Care, Qatar and NurseBuddy Care Software – a partnership to deliver high quality home care

Doha Care, based in Qatar, and NurseBuddy have combined efforts to improve the care process for carers and clients in their organisation. Doha Care specialises in managing the day to day care of older people, bedridden patients, pregnant women and newborns, special needs, and also help to manage injections, blood pressure, changing of bandages, and more. Doha Care is the first care agency in the country to implement a home care software into their daily care routine.

Doha Care have successfully put NurseBuddy in use across their workforce of over 150 carers, and they have seen the benefits and improvements that NurseBuddy has brought to their care agency. This has helped to improve the quality of care that is received by those in need, and improve the efficiency of carers across Doha. We recently sat down with Doha Care and spoke with their team about the introduction of Nursebuddy to their care agency.

Why did Doha Care need a rostering and call monitoring solution?

The main reason why we needed this rostering and call monitoring system was to properly track all the carers whatever they are doing in their daily activities in the soonest possible time, and the NurseBuddy solution has done this in the best possible way. We are able to get all our information instantly, and we are able to communicate information easily amongst our carers.

What problems was Doha Care experiencing before NurseBuddy?

Before we had NurseBuddy, we had a problem with missing or incorrect documentation, and we were not able to monitor carer’s daily activities or timekeeping. Now with NurseBuddy, we can see all the necessary documents that we need to check in real time, as well as communicate all updates for our clients. If we have a question or an enquiry from a client’s family member or loved one, we are able to give instant updates for how the care of a patient is going.

How did you manage the change to NurseBuddy?

At first, it was difficult, because we went from manual to electronic, from ‘paperful’ to ‘paperless’. We gradually introduced the system to the carers, and when we were able to easily see how the software would help us perform better, we removed all paper from being used in the company. If there is anything that we need to get from a client’s profile, we can easily send these through to a client’s family and not have to rely on finding particular documents in a client’s home. We don’t need to search for files, instead we just do it with a few clicks! We can all see the documents together, and being able to share them with multiple members of our team improves the communication and the transparency, and makes for a better experience for the client

What were the first improvements you noticed in the business?

Business confidence was a great improvement, and being able to communicate with our clients and family that we use this application gave us much more confidence. We are the first company in Qatar using this kind of technology, it improves our standing as a company. The transparency of NurseBuddy lets us know what is happening in the house, and we can have documents immediately, wherever or whenever we need it. Also, most Arabs are not too concerned with the trivial aspect of care; if a nurse is there, let the nurse work. The nurse is able to do their job easier by not having to find documentation. It is better for clients if things are recorded digitally instead of on paper, as writing information in a file may have cause for concern, but being recorded digitally is both discrete and gives them privacy. They want to leave all the responsibility to the nurse and NurseBuddy allows us to do that for them.

What impact have the improvements made to the nurses jobs?

In NurseBuddy we can monitor everything daily, and track all log ins and log outs for the carers. Carers are able to get on with work and not have to worry about ¬†locating documents or wasting time in a client’s home. The system is discrete so it allows for carers to quietly take notes, and makes a much better experience for carers.

What part of NurseBuddy has the highest value for you?

Scheduling and monitoring has helped us save a lot of time in the care management side of home care. It has made our lives easier, and been a very big help to our company. We want to thank you for making our business easier to manage!
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