Simple to Set Up

At NurseBuddy, we understand that moving to a new system is a daunting prospect which could involve lots of planning and organisation that you simply don’t have time for.

Our world class support team are on hand to help your business on board with NurseBuddy. We have dedicated account managers to help train your staff and get you up and running in no time!

Step 1

Sign up now

  • Instant online access after you contact us
  • Designed by Carers, for Carers. Discover how easy NurseBuddy is to use.
  • Add your own data and bring your trial experience to life

Contact us today to sign up.

Step 2

Prepare & Switch

  • Transfer data with the help of our dedicated switcher team
  • Get trained up with bespoke training sessions for your office staff and mobile app training for your care staff





Step 3

Go Live

  • You are ready! Go forth into the world with NurseBuddy on your phones, tablets and computers to deliver high quality care.
  • World class support from the NurseBuddy team will be available to you on an ongoing basis, no strings or extra cost attached!