At NurseBuddy, we believe in the power of new technologies to deliver high standards of home care.

Our technology presents a unique solution to support the promotion of all people maintaining their independence and staying in their own home to receive care.

Founded in 2012, NurseBuddy was created by four enthusiastic guys in Finland, passionate about technology and healthcare. They worked with home care coordinators and care workers to understand how to make the best possible software to support a rapidly growing elderly population.

In 2013, NurseBuddy was selected as one of the 8 most promising healthcare startups worldwide to join the HealthXL accelerator program, and listed in a TOP-35 healthcare technology companies in Europe. We have continued to build on this early recognition and we are now the proud software partner for many innovative home care providers in UK, Ireland and Finland.

Meet our dynamic team members!

Our Dublin Team

  • Kane Caswell
    Kane Caswell Marketing Manager

    +44 20 8133 3670

  • Paul O’Connell
    Paul O’Connell Sales Executive

    +44 (0)20 3239 2449

  • Imogen Challenger
    Imogen Challenger Customer Success Manager

    +44 20 323 94526

Our Tampere Team

  • Heta Alanko
    Heta Alanko Finance Administrator

    +358 40 596 7782

  • Antero Salonen
    Antero Salonen Technical Manager

    +358 50 304 0547

  • Simo Hännikkälä
    Simo Hännikkälä Managing Director

    +358 40 581 3613

  • Teija Koskinen
    Teija Koskinen Sales Manager

    (Suomi) +358 40 3558 908

  • Aki-Petteri Leinonen
    Aki-Petteri Leinonen Software developer
  • Atte Pietikäinen
    Atte Pietikäinen Software Developer
  • Ville Saarinen
    Ville Saarinen Software Developer
  • Juuso Hämäläinen
    Juuso Hämäläinen Software tester